Toog - easy toog for beginners - Toon onderwerp - German knife bayonet 1871/84 -

Ultimately, how you use the site is entirely up to you! But I’ve come to realize that the possibilities of such a database are much broader than my own personal applications. By looking and learning about different woods, any woodworker or crafts-person can quickly and easily ascertain which woods to use for which projects—whether your selection criteria is based on color, grain pattern, strength, dimensional stability, durability, etc. The key lies simply in knowing how to interpret the data. If you’ve got a project, and you’re looking for the right wood, or if you’ve got a stash of lumber, and you’re looking for a suitable project, The Wood Database can help. If you’re new to this site, I’d recommend viewing any wood profile, and clicking on any/all of the data field links (such as Modulus of Rupture, Janka Hardness, etc.) to get a more thorough definition of the terms that are used throughout the database. This will help you make sense of the data, and guide you into using the right wood for the right job—making your project a success! (Future plans for the site include making each of the fields sort-able and also able to apply multiple filters based on a number of different criteria to help narrow down the various wood species.)

But here the comparison ends. There are several contrasts. Lata had been around for about two years and barely twenty then. Kishore Kumar in 1969 had been around for over twenty years, almost as long as Rafi, and only a few years younger than him. Yet Aradhana seemed to make him twenty years younger. Then Lata’s rise can be explained by musical reasons; some have tried to attribute it to Noorjehan’s migration to Pakistan (to which I do not subscribe, see my article Lata Mangeshkar vs Noorjehan ). But there are no such apparent reasons for Rafi’s slide. It was not as if one morning in 1969 all of a sudden he became an inferior singer. His voice retained its timbre and he still sounded Rafi-ish. This has given rise to a whole ‘Who is greater- Rafi vs Kishore Kumar’ industry on the internet, some of the debate becoming downright abusive to one or the other.

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Toog - Easy Toog For BeginnersToog - Easy Toog For BeginnersToog - Easy Toog For BeginnersToog - Easy Toog For Beginners