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What once started as a small fishing village turned military outpost before being liberated during World War II, Saint Tropez has blossomed into a location for millionaires to woo bombshells and for the common vacationer to feel like a celebrity. Situated in the French Riviera 65 miles east of Marseille, this little town has turned into a thriving summertime metropolis. From the beautiful Pampelonne Beach to the legendary indulgences of Le Club 55, thousands of aspiring starlets flock to this glamorous locale with the hopes of being discovered, just like the iconic Bridget Bardot over 50 years ago. Cannes is only an hour’s drive up the coastline, where the most famous faces can be spotted pouring into town for the renowned Cannes Film Festival. St. Tropez’s economy relies solely on tourism, so citizens (only about 6,000 of them) are ultra-welcoming to the vacationers, millionaires and celebrities who pass through on a yearly basis.

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