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When I moved to New York City in 1995, I had already started DJ’ing a bit a small parties in the midwest. I had a budding techno collection and about a set’s worth of jungle that I only bought to play with Mark. I quickly saw that there was about 100 existing 4 on the floor guys here but there was only about 8 Jungle guys. I really wanted to play out here and felt it was time to make the leap to full time. MC Blaise and I had common friends and I started going to jungle nights with her. She introduced me to everyone and pretty soon I was djing at Konkrete Jungle about once a month. I was new, I would either open, or close. I never got to play the main room or the main slots. I noticed that the main slot guys always had tunes that were not in the record shops and wouldn’t be for months until their official releases. If I wanted that main slot, or at least close to it, I had to have tunes that no one else had. So I made them myself. 1996 through 1998 is a blur, all I did was produce, or play this one video game I had. I didn’t have a TV. I barely had a social life outside of the quest for the slot.

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DJ Odi - I Don't Know EP